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When you stay with us at Abbey Holidays Loch Ness, you simply have to make the most of your time here, and there is no better way to do that than to book an experience with Monster Activities. Not only will you get a taste of the wild side, but you’ll get the chance to experience the great Scottish outdoors all year round. And learn skills that people will have had to use way back when, like knife throwing and archery. Outdoor activities in Scotland at their best!

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About Monster Activities

Monster Activities is an outdoor activity centre that specialises in taking small groups. They provide the opportunity to have unique, safe fun. The company started in 1995, and is owned by Iain Mackinnon, who has 30 years of experience in instructing outdoor activities safely, as well as a degree in outdoor activities – meaning that you can trust you’re in good hands!

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What’s on offer?

All this talk of ‘outdoor activities’ is great, but what exactly do Monster Activities offer that makes them so worth a visit when you’re staying at Loch Ness Abbey? After all, with the luxuries and comforts of our self-catered apartments, it’s got to be really special to make it worth heading out!

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Clay pigeon shooting

With the help of Monster Activities’ experts, you can practice your shooting skills on some clay pigeons surrounded by all of the beautiful Scottish scenery. Using professional guns and cartridges, and working under carefully curated safety conditions, even novices will be able to hit a few clay pigeons out of the sky! It’s a great chance to do something you may not have done before, and an even better excuse to explore Fort Augustus a little bit.

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Canadian Canoeing

Ever dreamed of canoeing surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside you’ve ever seen? With Monster Activities, you can do just that. You simply arrange a starting point with their team and drive a short distance upwind. Then you climb into your canoe and paddle 2.5 miles down the Caledonian canal!

Or, for more experienced paddlers or people who want to really make the most of their time by Loch Ness, you can ask for a longer session. You can even ask the team for a chance to canoe in a slightly different location, and they’ll work with you to find something that suits you.

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Tomahawks and knife throwing

What’s more impressive than saying you know how to throw an axe? Knowing how to throw an axe and a knife? Well, Monster Activities can help you achieve that. Taught by one of their knowledgeable outdoor activity experts, you can practise throwing both tomahawks and knives into a target, getting them to stick and stay there, rather than bounce right off.


It wouldn’t be an outdoor activity company without archery. Ideal for the whole family, archery is a great way to practice your aim, and it’s a really good laugh. Whether you do it alone or with a group, you’ll be taught the basics of target archery. You’ll be using recurved takedown bows or a child’s compound bow.

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River rafting

For those who want to get in the river, but don’t fancy canoeing, there’s the additional option of river rafting. You can have some really good fun with your friends and family as you bounce along the current.

Monster Activities have long johns available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. And they have helmets and buoyancy aids. But children’s wet suits will need to be sourced separately.

Why wait?

Any of these sound interesting? Email or call Monster Activities today to get your fix of outdoor activities during your holiday with us at Loch Ness Abbey.

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