Meeting a Highland cow near Fort Augustus

Of all the icons of Scotland, from unicorns to thistles, the Highland cow is probably one of the most popular. With their cute little fringes in the middle of two huge horns, they are quintessentially Scottish, even appearing on toffee bars! There aren’t many farm animals that can cause a traffic jam just from people stopping to admire them. So if you are keen to see a Highland cow for yourself when you’re staying with us in Fort Augustus, here are some nearby places to try. 

Baby Highland cow with grown ups in a herd.

Cameron’s Tea Room and Farm Shop

What better way to enjoy a Highland cow ( or as we say, a Highland coo) than to have a cup of tea in hand? At Cameron’s Tea Room near the Falls of Foyer this is what you can do. Not only do they serve delicious food, but in their back garden are some beautiful Highland cows that might even come close to say hello. Although nothing is guaranteed, there is a better chance than not that you will see a Highland cow here. Definitely worth a visit. 

Culloden Battlefield

Anyone interested in the history of the Highlands will certainly have chosen the right place to stay with Abbey Holidays. In our historical building, you can walk the corridors paced by monks hundreds of years ago. There’s also plenty of history to be found nearby, too. Most will have heard of the Battle of Culloden. This battlefield is around an hour away by car from Abbey Holidays towards Inverness and is a trip worth taking. Not only can you immerse yourself in Scotland’s bloody past, you may also be lucky enough to see a Highland cow. A herd of these magnificent beasts are kept and they help maintain the land. What you see today is how it looked on the day of the battle in 1746.

Cawdor Castle

Keeping with the history theme, a trip to Cawdor Castle not only brings more of Scotland’s history to life, but also might offer a glimpse of a Highland cow. The castle is the ancestral home of the Campbells of Cawdor, and ha plenty of historical stories to tell. Outside, there is plenty of outdoor space to enjoy if you are visiting with kids. There are also Highland cows kept on the land, so keep an eye out when you are exploring. Do note that the castle is only open between April and October each year.

A Highland cow eating near heather.

Redburn Cafe & Gift Shop

A short drive of twenty minutes will take you to a lovely little corner of the Highlands where you can enjoy some Highland cows. Not only can you partake in some delicious meals alongside hot and cold drinks, you can also see their stunning herd of Highland cows. Redburn Cafe & Gift Shop is also a great place to buy yourself a little Highland cow toy or memento to take home with you!

Out in the wild!

Whilst Highland cows aren’t exactly ‘wild’ animals, do keep your eye out when driving around the Scottish Highlands. You’ll often see them in fields dotted around the area, often with little calves in tow! So always keep your camera handy in case you stumble across that perfect moment. 

Staying in Fort Augustus makes for a perfect centre to hit all the main Highland cow attractions near Loch Ness. Book your place now and enjoy a mooo-ving Highland holiday!