Visiting Loch Ness

Loch Ness is the most famous loch in Scotland, and indeed one of the most famous lakes in the world! This vast body of water in the Scottish Highlands is surrounded in myth and legend. Our beautiful abbey holiday apartments sit right beside the spectacular natural landmark. Whether you come here to search for its mythical monster, marvel at the magnificent scenery or take part in water activities and adventures, Loch Ness has something for everyone.

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The UK's most voluminous lake

Loch is the Scottish word for lake, and Loch Ness is a big one! It’s the UK’s largest lake by volume, the second-largest by surface area and the second-largest by depth. There’s more water in Loch Ness, than in all the lakes of England and Wales combined! The water is so deep, that all but the very top layer remains at a constant temperature of around 5°C all year around. At 230m in depth, a skyscraper such as the Leadenhall Building in London could stand fully submerged in the water. So it’s not so hard to believe that a monster may be lurking down there after all.

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The Monster Legend

Stories of a mysterious beast have been associated with these waters for centuries. The earliest mention comes from the 6th century, when St Columba is said to have banished a ferocious creature to the depths of the waters. But it was in the 1930s that the legend as we know it was born. A local hotel manager reported seeing a large whale-like beast in the loch. The press picked up the story and it spread like wildfire, sparking worldwide interest and several more sightings. Today, people flock from far and wide to visit the loch and search for Nessie, but so far no conclusive evidence has been found.

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Things to do on the loch

Based here at Fort Augustus, there are lots of fantastic loch activities. Admire spectacular views from the southernmost tip of the loch. Walk or cycle along the Caledonian Canal, where the natural loch meets with man-made canal way. Enjoy a boat ride and hunt for Nessie with Cruise Loch Ness. If you’re looking for a challenge, the Loch Ness 360° is a fantastic long-distance walking route, which loops around the whole loch, connecting up the Great Glen Way with the South Loch Ness Trail.

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Book a stay by Loch Ness

So, book a self-catering break with Abbey Holidays Loch Ness and enjoy a stay on the shores of this marvellous Scottish loch. Find more great things to do in the area and choose your accommodation here.

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By Loch Ness

Set on the beautiful banks of the loch, Abbey Holidays Loch Ness offers luxury accommodation in the Scottish Highlands. With attention to detail and your comfort in mind, Loch Ness Abbey offers you a real home from home.

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Things to Do

Exciting Attractions

Not only do our self-catering apartments and cottages have their own wonderful amenities, but there’s a huge range of exciting attractions right on our doorstep.

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